A Very Short PKI Consultant Story
This web site's purpose is not to tell you about myself... rather the work I do.  I've published a few items that inform you a little about a security capability which I am 'supposedly' skilled at - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

The site is neither a curriculm vitae or resume - and I shan't publish one here.  However, I am an IT security consultant who is sometimes available to hire and if you are interested in contacting me (or acquiring my CV) you could send an email enquiry to: david@wozny.org  I've also worked 'for free' as a volunteer 'IT Buddy' so you may even get me for nothing!

Is PKI Still Relevant in the Mobile Device \ Cloud Era of the Internet?

Robert Hannigan, Director GCHQ, shares his thoughts about the pivotal topic of encryption.  In a nutshell (snippet) he says: “Almost every aspect of life online relies on PKI.”  Powerful stuff indeed!

The Author

Have a browse around and hopefully there's something that may interest you.  I may see you sometime in the cloud (future).

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Without PKI, there'd be no HTTPS

Without HTTPS, there'd be no green padlock.

Without a green padlock, there'd be no online banking or secure login to email... or whatever!