David Wozny - PKI Bloke (Retired)

A Short PKI Consultant Story
This web site's purpose is to tell you a little bit about my former professional self and some of the work I once did.  I've published a few items which inform you about an IT security capability in which I supposedly exhibited expertise - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

The web site is neither a curriculm vitae or resume - and I shan't publish one here.  However, I was an IT security consultant who was sometimes available to hire, I  also worked as a volunteer IT buddy.

Important Note: This web site's content is also hosted (and updated) by the web-site describing my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) recovery (www.ineededtobeneeded.com), you can reach it by clicking this link.

Is PKI Relevant in the 'Mobile Device \ Cloud' Era of the Internet?

Robert Hannigan, who was the director of GCHQ until 2017, once shared his thoughts about PKI on GCHQ.gov.uk, I extracted the following from the statement he made: “Almost every aspect of life online relies on PKI.”  Powerful stuff indeed!

​My Quote :-)  Without PKI, there'd be no HTTPS.  Without HTTPS, there'd be no closed padlock in your browser address bar.  Without a padlock, there'd be no online banking or secure login to email... or whatever!

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