Education and Professional Career

Here's a link to a page where you can see certificates / awards I have gained, newspaper and magazine articles written by / about me.  You'll see that the page is organised into the following categories: Past, Present and ... Future, I'm most excited about the latter category!

IT Security Skills

Rather than publish a curriculum vitae / resume informing you of my IT security skills, I've given a brief summary of some of what I consider to be the highlights, which you can view by clicking on this link.

​There's a Story to Tell

The IT future is in the cloud - so was I in 2015 while being transported in an air ambulance after being struck by a car while riding my bicycle.​

You can read about my Road Traffic Collision (RTC) and ensuing recovery at the following web-site / BLOG:

                I Needed to be Needed:

I slowly gained 'conscious awareness' from a four week comatose state to find the following note, composed by my life partner Ruth, pinned to the wall by my hospital bed.  

Hint: I needed to be reminded of the year, so I was clearly rather seriously injured.

David Wozny - PKI Bloke (Retired)