Documents I Have Personally Authored

White Papers

I have written white papers related to PKI for nCipher (formerly Thales e-Security) and Oxford Computer Group (now  The nCipher document is related to best practices for offline CAs, whereas the Oxford Computer Group document is a general backgrounder on PKI.

Solution Documentation
Almost every engagement I worked on resulted in my writing high and low level designs, operational guides, key signing ceremonies or solution integration documentation.  This link will take you to a vastly redacted sample area of documents I've authored.

Legacy (Random) Documents
For a bit of fun I've uploaded some documentation I authored during early stages of my IT career.  Some of it was in the days of DOS (pre-Windows) and before networking reached its TCP/IP nadir.  The documents are a hotchpotch which I haven't attempted to put any formal structure around.

David Wozny - PKI Bloke (Retired)