Click to launch the video in YouTube directly if you are using a mobile platform. There are also subsequent YouTube videos for a connected SOS and a disconnected SOS.

Various Bits and Pieces

CLM for Encrypting File System (EFS) Purposes

Click on this link to see a video demonstrating the following:

  • Enrolment
  • Usage
  • Disaster Strikes
  • Recovery
  • Audit

CLM for Smart Card Use Cases
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link to see a video demonstrating the following:

  • Enrolment
  • PIN Unblock
  • Renewal

CLM Extension Adding Emergency Passwords
Click on this
link to see a video demonstrating the following:

  • Enrolment and Emergency Password Creation
  • Smart Card Logon
  • Emergency Password Use

Active Directory Emergency Password Reset

Interactive Desktop Recording to Help Staff

I produced a video as part of a "how to" handover for a customer in April 2008 demonstrating how to use an AD emergency password reset capability which I designed and implemented - I hope it demonstrates I have done more than just PKI. The video below is demonstrating how to setup emergency password Q&As for Windows logon.

Lab Exercises I Put Together for Oxford Computer Group (OCG)

Microsoft CLM / ILM / FIM

At the Directory Experts Conference (DEC) in Chicago in March 2008 I was the instructor leading a training session for delegates who performed a set of lab exercises I had designed. The labs related to various Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) use cases, including smart card PIN unblock, certificate renewal and certificate retirement.  The videos were a "how to" for the delegates to refer to once the training exercises were completed.  I also annotated the various Active Directory permissions which needed setting in various places to make CLM work correctly.  The videos are based around the integration of CLM, Active Directory and AD Certificate Services (ADCS). 

Help Desk Assisted Smart Card PIN Unblock with CLM

Click to launch the video above in YouTube directly if you are using a mobile platform.  There are subsequent training videos for certificate renewal and certificate retirement.  ​I put together a narrative (PDF) to assist delegates with the three lab exercises, you can view it by clicking here.

Furthermore, I made videos for assisting folk with configuring various CLM permissions: notes one and two.

David Wozny - PKI Bloke (Retired)