DMW Consulting Limited

Legacy (Old) IT Documents

​1991: 'Computerising' of Factory Stores Report at GEC

IBM PCs running MS-DOS v3, Ashton Tate DBase III+

​1995: LAN Disaster Recovery Strategy
Windows NT, DAT tapes, floppy disks.

1996: Local Area Network (LAN) Strategy

UTP cabling, TCP/IP, PSTN dial-up, MegaStream, Windows NT Server v3.51, WordPerfect v5.1, Lotus 1-2-3, CorelDraw, Pascal, Fortran, 32MB RAM, 1GB disk, etc.

1998: STORM-IT Proposal

Millennium compliance, new operating systems and software.  Proposing an upgrade to Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Microsoft Office, etc.

1998: Application Packaging Guidelines
Operations guide for packaging applications such as Microsoft Office using WinInstall.

2003: Network Design

The design contained secure WiFi, VPNs, RSA SecurID tokens, web content blocking, etc.  It was ahead of its time - for the public sector!

2005: PKI Demonstrator

​I put together a 'demonstrator rig' which I used to explain various PKI capabilities.