DMW Consulting Limited

Random Documents

For Work

Company P (1996)

  • Operating System (OS) evaluation: MS-DOS or Windows 95?
  • Local Area Network (LAN) strategy - UTP cabling, TCP/IP, PSTN dial-up, MegaStream, NT Server v3.51, WordPerfect v5.1, Lotus 1-2-3 r3, CorelDraw, Pascal, Fortran, 32MB RAM, 1GB disk, etc.
  • Privacy document pertaining to compliance with the 1984 Data Protection Act (DPA).  A user requesting personal data is required to pay a cheque for £10 to their employer - and may have to wait up to forty days to receive a response.

Company Q (2003)

  • A network design I authored in Visio for a leading edge environment. It contained secure WiFi, VPNs, RSA SecurID tokens, web content blocking, etc.  It was ahead of its time - for a public services environment!

For Family

  • Instructions for mum on using her mobile phone (2017)
  • Notes on my 'police' IT security awareness - to assist a family member with their university thesis on criminology (2017). The file is password protected
  • Instructions for mum on using her alarm clock (2017)