DMW Consulting Limited

White Paper Authored for Oxford Computer Group

Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS)

I was commissioned by Oxford Computer Group, the identity and security management specialists for enterprises, to author a white paper which explains PKI at a very high level and describes 'how Microsoft does it'.

Click on the link here to download it: ADCS White Paper

White Paper Authored for Thales e-Security

Offline CA \ HSM Best Practices for PKI

I was commissioned by Thales, the IT security vendor, to author a white paper providing a detailed examination of architectural best practices on deploying \ securing offline certification authorities and hardware security modules.  The paper articulates trade‚Äźoffs in security, simplicity, availability and cost.

You can register to download the white paper at the Thales e-Security web site.  Or, you can simply click on the link here: Offline CA Best Practices White Paper